Do It - Basic Word Processing

It's time to play!

You can use the textbox below to play with basic word processing skills. On the right are some directions. The key combinations are pretty much standard, but some applications may use different ones. [Netscape 6 behaves a bit unpredictably with the key combos mentioned.]

  1. Cursor: Click in the text box. Do you see the cursor shape Cursor ? This is where your typing will appear. Notice that your mouse pointer has a different cursor shape Cursor when it is over the web page text.
  2. up arrow key
    left arrow key down arrow right arrow
    Move the cursor: Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the cursor to different locations.
  3. Enter keyEnter text: Type some text of your own to add text the text box until the text starts to scroll up. Use the ENTER key to start a new paragraph and type some more until a scrollbar appears at the right of your typing. 
  4. Scroll: Use the scrollbar to shift which lines are showing in the text box.
  5. Delete keyEdit: Select some text by dragging the mouse across it. Delete the text by pressing the DELETE key. 
  6. CTRL keyUndo: Restore the deleted text by holding down the CTRL key and pressing the z key. 
    (Key combo CTRL + z)
  7. Cut: Select some text. Cut the text with the key combo CTRL + x. Move the cursor to a new location.
  8. Paste: Use the key combo CTRL + v to paste what you cut into a new location.
  9. Copy: Select some text. Copy the text with the key combo CTRL + c. Move the cursor to a new location and paste it there.
  10. Undo: Reverse what you just did with the key combo CTRL + z.
  11. Insert keyInsert: Move your cursor to the middle of some existing text. Start typing. Press the INSERT key, type, press the INSERT key, and type some more. What happens depends on whether INSERT is on or off. When INSERT is on, your new typing appears between the existing characters. If INSERT is off, the new characters replace the old ones (overtyping).

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