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Pre-Print Check List

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Read: Inspect all the sheets you mean to print to be sure everything is finished.
Are all the calculations there?
Is the formatting of cells complete?
Are all explanations and comments in place, especially what you meant to have visible on the printed sheet(s).

Warning Excel may count cells as part of the spreadsheet that you thought you got rid of. This can happen if you have data and format it and then remove the data. The cells may look empty but they still have formatting assigned. Excel may count these cells as part of the spreadsheet. Deleting the cells rather than deleting the contents of the cells avoids this particular problem.

Formulas: Show formulas with key combo CTRL + `, which is the grave accent key, which is usually to the left of the 1 key.
Check that all formulas work. Verify that each formula does what you meant it to do!
Do you need to recalculate all sheets that will print to make sure values have been updated after changes? Press the F9 key to do that.
Spell Check:   Spell Check will look at all of the text, including comments and any text on a chart. There is not usually much text in a spreadsheet. So what's there needs to be correct!
Page Break Preview: View the sheet(s) in Page Break Preview to see if Excel is dividing the way you want. You can drag the blue boundaries to change what is printed on which pages. 

TipIf you can't move the page breaks, you have grouped several sheets together. Check the sheet tabs. Right click on one and choose Ungroup if they were grouped

Page Setup:

Check the settings on all four tabs in the Page Setup dialog for each sheet to avoid surprises.

Page- Select a paper size and orientation.
Set Scaling or fit the spreadsheet to a certain number of pages wide and/or tall. 
Warning Scaling ignores your page breaks.
Margins- Check values for all margins: top, bottom, left, right, header, and footer.
Choose whether to center the spreadsheet horizontally or vertically or both on the page.
Create header/footer for each sheet.
Check for overlapping sections in the header and footer.
Sheet- Choose whether to set Print Area, print titles (certain rows or columns on every page), gridlines,  row and column headings, comments.
Do you want Draft quality?
Do you want to print in black and white only?
Warning If you set a Print Area, that area is considered the whole sheet for printing! Nothing outside the Print Area will print, no matter what other choices you make.
Print Preview:  Always look at Print Preview before you print.
Check the number of pages that will print, in the Status bar.
Check for header/footer overlapping the cells.
Check that the columns and rows are printing on the pages that you meant for them to print on.
Print options:

Pick a printer and the number of copies.
Pick what to print - selection, active sheet(s), the whole workbook, or just certain pages. (Be sure you looked at Page Break Preview or Print Preview!)

Home > Jan's CompLit 101 > Working with Numbers > Appendix

Last updated: September 17, 2012