Project 4: Report
Exercise Word 4-2

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
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Document - Soccer StandingsIn this document you will modify a previous document and create a table to show the team standings after the City Soccer League's season.

In other lessons you will see the same fictional organizations and people that you meet in these exercises: The City Theater, the City Soccer Team, and Computers Today.

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Exercise Word 4-2: Table - Soccer Standings

What you will do:

modify an existing document
create a table
format a table 

Start with:Class disk Icon- Word with blank document ,  letter-soccer.doc

  1. Open the document letter-soccer.doc from your word project2 folder on your Class disk. You created this letter in the exercises. You will use the letterhead for the current exercise.
  2. Save As   soccerstandings.doc   on your Class disk.
    Full disk How to handle a full disk
  3. Delete the body of the letter. Be careful not to delete the anchors for the letterhead objects. When you delete whole lines, any anchors attached to those lines go, too.
    At this point you have only the letterhead material left. [You could save this as a template if you expected to write a lot of letters that included the letterhead.]
  4. Change the header to show Exercise Word 4-2.
  5. In the first line below the letterhead, type  Season Standings  and format with Heading 1 - Arial Black, 24 pt, Center.
  6. Draw a table below the heading, about 4 tall with 4 columns and 9 rows. The first column is about 1.5 wide and the others are about 1 wide. The top row will be your table headings and the rest will list teams.
  7. Use the Distribute Rows Evenly and Distribute Columns Evenly buttons on the bottom 8 rows and the right 3 columns.
  8. In the first row enter  Teams ,  Wins ,  Losses ,  Ties  as the column headings.
    Format as 50% gray shading, Font color = White, Heading 2 style modified to 14 pt. Center and Center Vertically.
  9. Enter the team records as follows:
    Fireballs -    4/2/0
    Lightning -   5/1/0
    Tornadoes - 1/4/1
    Wolves -      2/3/1
    Sharks -      5/0/1
    Piranha -     2/4/0
    Bulls -         3/3/0
    Mustangs -  2/3/1

  10. Center the values for Wins, Losses, and Ties in their columns.
  11. Select the Wins cells for the first 4 teams, which are all in Level 1. Sort Descending. Whoops. The whole column sorted and not just the rows selected. Undo.
  12. Select the last 4 rows and Split Table (Hint: menu Table | Split table)
  13. Repeat the Sort attempted above. This time it should arrange the Level 1 teams in order by the number of wins.
  14. Sort Descending the last 4 teams, which are all in Level 2, based on Wins.
  15. Remove the paragraph mark between the split tables. They join again.
  16. Add a column on the left of the table.
  17. Merge cells in the new column for the Level 1 rows. Type  Level 1  and format to match the column headers. Change text direction to Bottom to Top.
  18. Do the same to create a Level 2 label for the last 4 rows.
  19. Change the bottom border to a width of 2 for the top row, the Tornadoes row, and the bottom row. Do this separately for the cell containing Level 1 since it is a merged cell.
  20. Center the entire table.
  21. Class disk Save.
    Full disk How to handle a full disk
  22. Print icon Print.

Soccer Table page finished