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Jan's Computer Basics:

What You See: Intro

Computer UserIf you've gone through the previous lessons, you know a lot about computers.
But are you ready to be a Computer User now?

What do you really need to know to operate and manage a computer?

[If you are taking this course at a school, what your teacher will talk about here is the specifics of how to use the classroom's computers. You need to know the special characteristics of the hardware, the network, and the software. You need to know how to get to the software used in the hands-on part of the course and how to print and save your work. ]

Each of you reading this has a different hardware setup and different software. There is no way for me to give you instructions specific to what you have. So this lesson will have to stick to common characteristics and general principles. Actually, this may be even better since over time you will no doubt have to deal with different systems. You'll need to know more than just what works for one particular setup. Plus, most systems are updated rather frequently. So, all in all, you may learn more about the actual operating of computer systems in this lesson than some students do in a live class! Congratulations.
We'll start looking now at the practical matters:

What You See -    How the computer's parts all hook together.
Hands On! -         Working with files and networks
On Your Own -    Buying and managing your own computer

Along the way you'll get some pointers, both of the "Tips and Tricks" variety and the "Watch Out!" type.
User Tip IconIndicates a user tip, something that may be useful to know.
Warning IconIndicates a warning about potential hazards.

User Tip IconConnectors: Connectors for devices and cables come in two types: male and female. A male connector has pins while a female connector has holes. Most cables have one of each, except for extension cables.

Male serial connector

Female serial connector