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Hands On: Quiz

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1. You sometimes need to use the DOS command line when _____.

it's faster than finding the right icon

the graphical interface is broken

both of the answers above

never. You can do everything from within the graphical interface.

2. Two different files can have the same name if _____

they are in different folders

they are on different drives


if the names are capitalized differently

3. The safest choice for a password is _____.

your mother's maiden name

a variation of your Social Security number

a relative's birthday

a random string of numbers, letters, and characters

4. When you have a question about your software or hardware, you should first _____.


call the Technical Support telephone number

send email to the manufacturer or publisher for a fast response

ask a friend

5. The maximum length for a file's name under DOS is _____

8 characters total

unlimited now that we can have long file names

11 altogether

8 characters in the filename and 3 in the extension

6. You want to print a document on a network printer and the printer is busy printing another job. You would _____.

wait for the current job to finish and then send your document to the printer.

send the job but you will not be able to work on anything else until the printer starts on your document.

send your job to the printer which will put it in the print queue to wait its turn. You can continue working on other tasks.

7. Which file name would not be allowed?





8. Files are named 1-02-2010 notes.txt, 01-02-2011 budget.xls, and notes 2-02-2009.doc. Which file comes first in alphabetical order in a Windows Explorer window?

1-02-2010 notes.txt

01-02-2011 budget.xls

notes 2-02-2009.doc

9. Before printing, you can change the page margins using the _____ dialog box or ribbon.


Format Page

Page Setup

View Preferences

10. If your document MyReport.doc is saved in folder MyDocs which is on drive E on your PC, the path to the document is _____.