Project 2: Access Basics
Database Window

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
Did you want: Working with Databases: Access 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016

The Database window is your starting point in MS Access. It shows all of the objects in the database. Closing the Database window will close the database. Sometimes the database programmer hides this window from the users!

Objects in LanguageArtsClasses database:
In the illustration, click on an Object type in the list at the left to see a list of objects in that category in the area to the right, along with methods for creating one of these objects.

Database Window

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Project 3: Tables & Queries

Project 4: Forms & Reports


Types of Objects

Table Holds the actual data.
Query Organizes the data by sorting, filtering, and calculating.
Form Displays the data in a friendlier way than a table and can also be based on a query.
Report Displays the organized data for printing.
Page A data access web page, which makes data available for viewing, or even changing, over the Internet or an intranet.
Macro Automates a set of actions. Often attached to a form button.
Module A small program that controls what happens in a form or report.
Favorites Shortcuts to the objects that you use the most.


Toolbar: Database

The toolbar in the Database 

Toolbar: Database

The toolbar at the top of the Database window seems simple enough, but it changes depending on which category you select. The New button is different for each category. You cannot customize this bar.

Tables: Toolbar: Database Window - Tables

No bar of its own. The toolbar will match the target of the selected shortcut in the Favorites list.

What the Database Window Buttons do:

Button: Open
Open: Opens the selected object.
Preview: Opens the print preview of a report.  

Datasheet view of table

Form view

Report - Print Preview

Datasheet view
for table or query
Form view
for form
Print Preview
for report

Button: Design view Design: Opens the selected object in Design view where you can choose features, format, or edit.

Design View: Table

Design View: Query

Table Design Query Design

Design View: Form

Design View: Report

Form Design

Report Design

Design View: Macro

Page Design Macro Design

Design view: Module

Module Design  

Button: New table Table
Button: New query Query
Button: New form Form
Button: New report Report
Button: New page Page
Dialog of choices for a new objectNew:
For tables, queries, forms, reports, pages:
   Opens a dialog of choices for how to create a new object of the type currently selected.

Click each button at left to see its dialog at the right.

Button: New macro Macro
Button: New module Module
For macros and modules:
   Opens the Design window directly.

Button: Delete object Delete: Deletes the current object.
This button is grayed out Button: Delete (gray) unless an object is selected.

Buttons: views for objects - Large icons, small icons, list, details Views: Changes the look of the list of objects

File View: Large icons

File View: Small icons

Large icons Small icons

File View: List

File view: Details

List Details

Button: Run macro Run: Executes the selected macro or module.