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Toolbar: Status bar

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Area: Message Status Bar: Message: Ready

The message area on the left of Status Bar shows a message about the current status or current action. Some of the messages are created by the database designer to explain the current object. The message can use up to 255 characters, but only the text that will fit in the area will show. Long messages will be cut off. The wider the window, the more text can show.

Examples of messages in Message Area:

Current View:  Status Bar: Message: Datasheet View
Status Bar: Message: Form View
Status Bar: Message: Design View

Current Action: Status Bar: Message: Ready
Status Bar: Message: Calculating
Status Bar: Message: Importing

Current Object Status Bar: Message: Name called if not first name
Status Bar: Message: Score of Student on this Assignment

(This kind would be written by database designer)

Area: Mode Indicators Status Bar: Mode Indicators

The right side of the Status Bar contains a number of mode indicators, which are icons or abbreviations that tell you what modes are On or Off.

Examples of Mode Indicators:

FLTR = The records have been filtered.
EXT   =  Extending the selection. F8 toggles through selecting more and more.
In a datasheet: word, all text, whole cell, row, entire datasheet.
In a form: word, whole textbox, entire record.

ESC key turns off EXT.

CAPS = Your typing will be in upper case. CAPS LOCK key toggles this mode on and off.
NUM  = NUM LOCK key is on. Keypad keys respond as numbers instead of navigation. NUM LOCK toggles this mode on and off.
SCRL = SCROLL LOCK key is on.
OVR  =  Overtyping is on and typing will replace existing characters. The INSERT key toggles this mode on and off.

Area: Resize Status Bar: Resize area

At the bottom right of the Status Bar there are some diagonal lines that indicates that the window can be resized. Just drag a corner or edge. Toolbar: Status - resize arrows

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