Example: Make-Table Query

The query Make Table-Zeroes-6thTerm from LanguageArtsClasses database brings fields from several tables and queries together. The purpose of the query is to make a table showing the assignments and tests in the 6th grading period that have a final score of 0.

Problem: I need to know who is missing which scores for the whole grading period. These are uncompleted assignments and tests.

One solution: Create a table that show this information along with the student's name.

Steps in the process:

Query Design View: Make Table-Zeroes-6thTerm

Query Design View: Zeroes-6thTerm
(Some fields are out of view to the left)

Why did I want such a table? I don't really remember! It is one of several ways to see who needed to do make-up work and for what assignment or test.

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