Table Field: Input Mask Property

Symbol Description Example Mask
0 Digit (0 to 9, entry required, plus [+] and minus [] signs not allowed). 0000
requires a 4 digit number, like 1234
9 Digit or space (entry not required, plus and minus signs not allowed). 99999
allows up to 5 digits or spaces like 88 99 or 12345 or 123
# Digit or space (entry not required; spaces are displayed as blanks while in Edit mode, but blanks are removed when data is saved; plus and minus signs allowed). ####
allows up to 4 digits or spaces but spaces are removed when data is saved, like 6677 or 234
L Letter (A to Z, entry required). LLL
requires three letters, like ABC
? Letter (A to Z, entry optional). ???
allows up to 3 letters, like ABC or AB
A Letter or digit (entry required). AAAA
requires 4 letters or numbers, like A1B2 or AABB or 1212
a Letter or digit (entry optional). aaaa
allows 4 letters or digits, like A1B or a1b1
& Any character or a space (entry required). &&&&
requires 4 characters or spaces like A@34 or M 3* or &*$%
C Any character or a space (entry optional). CCCC
allows 4 characters or spaces like @@@@ or @@@ or 6**A
. , : ; - / Decimal placeholder and thousand, date, and time separators. (The actual character used depends on the settings in the Regional Settings Properties dialog box in Windows Control Panel). ###.##
allows 3 digits to the left and 2 digits to the right of the decimal points, like 123.45 or 123.4
< Causes all characters to be converted to lowercase. <ALPHA would change to alpha
> Causes all characters to be converted to uppercase. >beta would change to BETA
! Causes the input mask to start filling in the mask from the right, shifting the characters to the left as you type. Characters typed into the mask normally fill it from left to right. You can include the exclamation point ! (read as "bang") anywhere in the input mask. Useful for fields like telephone numbers where you might not want to enter the area code for the local numbers.
\ Causes the character that follows to be displayed as the literal character (for example, \A is displayed as just A instead of being a place holder for letter). AA\AAA would take typed characters 1234 and display 12A34.
Password Creates a password entry text box. Each character typed is stored but the box displays only asterisks (*). Typing 1234 would display as ****.

Input mask Sample values
(000) 000-0000 (615) 555-1234
(999) 999-9999 (615) 555-1234
  ( ) 555-1234
(000) AAA-AAAA (615) 555-TELE
#999 20
>L????L?000L0 TIGERST998J4
  APR E 235C7
>L0L 0L0 A2B 3D5
00000-9999 38573-
>L<?????????????? Carla
SSN 000-00-0000 SSN 111-11-1111
>LL00000-0000 TN12345-1234

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