In the Macro Builder, the Action column lists things like "Open Form", "Close", "Save", that you want to happen when the macro runs
The active cell in a datasheet or spreadsheet receives the action or keystrokes. In an Excel spreadsheet the active cell has a dark, wider border. In a datasheet the Row Selector will have an arrow in it and the cursor will be blinking in the active cell.
action query
A query which performs an action with the records/fields selected by the query. Action queries include Make-Table, Append, Delete, and Update queries.
aggregate function
A function which groups values together, such as a sum, average, count, maximum, or minimum.
Controls: To line up controls evenly, either horizontally or vertically.
Text in a control: To arrange text as centered or aligned to the left or right of a control.
Analyze It with Excel
A wizard for exporting data to Excel format
Append query
A query which add records to an existing table.
Function: Choices that must be made for a function to work. For example the IIF function requires 3 arguments: the condition to test for, what to show if the condition is true, and what to show if the condition is false.
Design dialog: A secondary choice that you must make, such as choosing Currency after choosing Number as the data type. Or in the Macro Builder, once you choose "Open Query" as the action, you must specify which query to open. The name of the query is an argument.
Auto Activate
For an OLE object, the property that determines what program will be used to open the object when it is double-clicked
Creates a one-column form immediately, using all of the fields in the selected table or query.
A combination of formatting choices that is saved as a style and can be applied through the AutoFormat dialog.
A field which automatically numbers a new record.
Data Access Page: AutoPageAutoPage
Creates a plain, white data access page putting all of the fields in the selected table or query into a single column on a white background.
Creates a report immediately putting all of the fields in the selected table or query into a single column.
A company which produces a number of commonly available types of labels and other office products.
A function which averages the values.
: Avg(expr) where expr stands for a string expression that identifies the field whose values you want to average. Avg adds all the values and divides by how many values there were. Avg ignores Null values.