edit data
To change existing data.
ellipsis button
A button with three dots Button: Ellipsis (3 dots) which appears when you click in a Property text box in the Properties dialog. Clicking the button opens a window for creating a query or macro or expression or mode segment.
To insert an object into a form or report, such as an image or subform or subreport or spreadsheet.
embedded object
A document or part of a document from one program that appears inside a document from another program. The embedded object does not show changes in the source document unless you manually update it.
enter data
Type data directly into a database table or in a form that will update the table.
An action that Access can identify and respond to, such as a mouse click, opening or closing a form or report, entering new data, the focus leaving a control.
Sending a copy of Access data or objects to another program or saving the data as a separate file.
A set of characters, used to identify an object in the database or to perform a calculation. Expressions can be used in many places, such as default values for field, validation rules, query criteria, calculated fields and controls.
Address2: [City] & " " & [Region] & " " & [PostalCode] concatenates text to form a new text field in a query.
  OrderAmount: [Quantity] * [UnitPrice] does an arithmetic calculation for a new field.
  Like "S*" in the criteria cell in a query will match with values starting with S.
Expression BuilderExpression Builder
A feature of Access that helps you create expressions by providing a list of available objects and functions. The syntax of the functions is particularly helpful.
external data
Data that is not in the current database.