Controls on a formlabel
Text that identifies what the data in a control represents.
Label Wizard
A sequence of dialogs that helps you create a mailing label report for a specific layout of labels on pre-cut, peel-off label stock. You need to know the manufacturer of the labels and the product number.
The arrangement of parts for a datasheet, form or report.
Like operator
The Like operator is used to match data to a pattern. You can use a specific value or wildcard characters.
 Like "Tennessee" would match only the exact word Tennessee.
    Like "T*" would match any word that starts with T.
    Like "*ten*" would match any string that contains 'ten' anywhere in it, including the words Tennyson and attend and often.
Web page: Text or an image that when clicked opens a new web page or performs an action.
Access Table: Access can connect to a table in another Access database or to data in a another program. The outside table is "linked" to the database.
linked object
An object that will be updated if the original object changes. The source must be available, however, for this to happen. Databases may have links to tables in other databases. These tables will not be available if either of the databases has moved. Linked objects that are part of records, such as photos, are included in the database. They will update if the original photos changes. Linking to photos does not reduce the size of the database.
Linked Table Manager
A tool in Access for managing the links to tables outside of Access. If the links are broken, you must use the Linked Table Manager to relink.
A range in an Excel spreadsheet that is treated as a database by Excel. Once defined as a list, the columns in the range have drop-lists, there is a blue border around the range, a row for a new record is marked with a blue asterisk, the List toolbar appears with commands for managing the list.
list box
A control on a form which shows a list of choices in a fixed-size box. If the list is longer than can be displayed in the box, scrollbars appear.
log file
A text file that contains information about actions, such as errors or web server accesses or program updates.
Lookup list
 A list that provides choices for the value to put in a field. The Table Design View allows you to make a field into a Lookup field.
Lookup Wizard
A series of dialogs that guides you through the steps to create a Lookup list.