Page Setup
A dialog in MS Access which has tabs for managing the printing: Page, Margins. For a report the dialog also has a tab for Columns
Page Header/Footer
In a form or report, the page header prints at the top of every page, except at the beginning of a report, where it prints below the Report Header. The page footer prints at the bottom of every page.
A basic graphics program that comes with Windows.
A parameter is a measurement or value that something else depends on. For example, the volume of a box depends on the parameters length, height, and depth.  When the value of any of the parameters changes, the volume changes.
Query Design: ParameterParameter query
A query that asks for your input to set criteria before the query runs. You make the query ask by entering text between square brackets into the criteria row of the query design grid. When the query runs, a message box shows the criteria text and a text box for you to enter a value.
A form or report which contains a subform or subreport, which is called a Child.
Paste Errors
A table that is automatically created for data that failed to paste properly.
List of nested directories/folders that lead to a particular file.
Example:  E:\Docs\Computer Classes-RSCC\mylist.txt where the drive is E which has a folder named Docs which contains a folder named Computer Classes-RSCC which contains a file named mylist.txt.
A window or dialog which appears on top of all other open windows. Popup ads are a notorious mis-use of this useful feature.
primary key
A field which contains a value which is unique for each record in a table in a database.
Dialog: PrintPrint dialog
A dialog with which you can manage the actual printing process: choose a printer, access printer options, choose which pages to print, choose how many copies to print
Print Preview
A view that shows how the table, form, or report will look when printed.
propagating nulls
If nulls are propagated, then whenever a part of a calculated value is Null, the whole expressions is Null.
Example:  Using + to concatenate values...  [MyScore]:"The score is "+[Score] will be Null whenever the field Score is null, even though there is fixed text included. On the other hand, using the & in the calculation, like [MyScore]:"The score is "&[Score], will show the fixed text portion without a score, like "The score is ", when the field value is null.
Properties dialog
A dialog which lists the properties of the selected object - a whole form or report, a section, a control. The dialog contains several tabs, including an All tab which shows all available properties. Different objects have different properties.
An aspect of an object that you can change in its Property dialog.
Example: A control has properties like Name, Source, Height, Width, Back Color, Border Color, and many more.
A typical example or basis for constructing new instances.
Label Wizard: an example label with placeholders for the parts of an address. It does not show any particular address.
Publish It with Word
A tool for exporting data to a Word document.