Able to display but cannot be changed.
Forms: A form that is read-only will not allow the user to add records or edit records.
A set of fields which belong together, like a complete name and address or a complete sales order.
record selector
Area at the left of a datasheet or form that, when clicked, selects the whole record.
Record Source
A property of a form or report which tells where the records are coming from.
referential integrity
Making sure that records are not deleted or changed that are referred to by other records and that every object and field that is referred to, does actually exist.
Regional Settings
An icon on the Control Panel opens a dialog which lets you choose a language and country for your regional settings. This affects what Windows and Windows programs use as a unit of measure for distances and currency and also how dates and times are displayed.
A relationship defines how two tables are connected. Tables must share at least one field. A relationship can be One-to-One, One-to-Many, or Many-to-Many.
relational database
A database which uses several tables that are related by sharing a common field.
Relationships windowRelationships window
Displays related tables. Join lines show which fields are matched between the tables.
A print-out which formats the records in a table or the results of a query in a way that is easier to use than just printing the datasheet. Reports can also group data for calculations like counts and totals.
Report Header/Footer
A section of a report. The Report Header appears before anything else in the report. The Report Footer follows the last record and above the Page Footer.

Sections of a report - first page Sections of a report: last page

Report Wizard
A sequence of dialog pages that lead you through the process of creating a report.
A set of cells that runs across the page to the last column.
row height
The height of the cells in the row. All cells in the same row must have the same height.
row source
The table, list, or query that is the source for the choices in a Lookup list.
RTF format
Rich Text Format. A document format for word processing documents which retains a lot of the formatting of the document. Formatting that is specific to a particular word processing program will be lost but such things as font, font size, color, indentions are kept.
You run a query to display the datasheet of records that the query picks out. When an action query runs, the action is actually performed.
running sum
An accumulation of values from record to record. Each record adds its value to the sum of the values in the previous records.