# or Symbol

The column in a spreadsheet is too narrow to show the contents.
The record has been deleted.
Calculation is trying to divide by zero. Check your expressions for calculations for the possibility of current AND future records resulting in division by zero.
Access cannot evaluate the expression. There are a number of reasons possible.
  • Circular reference: Using a control's name in an expression that defines values for the same control
  • Aggregate functions: Field name mis-spelled or there are not enough arguments given
  • Default value in a table or form: Wrong DataType or FieldSize for the field
  • Query: Result of calculation is larger than the FieldSize allows
Access keeps other users from editing records that you are editing. In addition, if you have multiple Access databases open at once on your computer, Access treats each one as a separate user. So you can only edit records from one database at a time. Also, Access locks out groups of records at a time, not just single records. How many at a time depends on the size of the records.
The name that you typed for a source is not valid.
  • Mis-spelled name of field
  • Omitted the equals sign (=) in an expression in a form or report
  • Source has been deleted
The value is too large to be stored in the field due to the DataType or FieldSize
There is a reference error.