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Since my computer literacy materials are copyrighted, you do need to get permission to use them in your classroom. At this time there is no monetary charge for such use. 

All you need to do is complete the Permissions form and await my reply (almost 100% guaranteed to be Yes! I'm so happy that you would want to!!) As a reward for filling out the form, I will send you the address of a zipped file of end-of-the-chapter questions for the Computer Basics section. I have no other additional materials. Everything else is on the site.

There are a few simple restrictions and one requirement.

  1. Restriction: No permission is given to include these materials in another published work.
  2. Restriction: Any use of portions of the materials on this web site, whether in print or onscreen, should credit the source and include the web address https://www.jegsworks.com
  3. Requirement: You must provide me an evaluation of how well the materials worked for you!

    Please use the Evaluation form so I can respond appropriately to your comments, whether positive or negative.

    Links to the site are always welcome!

Permissions form

Evaluation form

Home > Jan's CompLit 101 > Permissions