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Jan's Working with Presentations


Project Objectives

  • Create a presentation from a text outline.
  • Create a presentation from a Word outline.
  • Pick a Slide Layout.
  • Edit the outline in PowerPoint.
  • Create a custom template manually.
  • Insert and position picture from a file.
  • Insert and position clip art.
  • Recolor clip art.
  • Manage overlapping objects.
  • Add and format a table.
  • Add and format a chart.
  • Import data.
  • Animate a chart.
  • Use Finish Checklist.
  • Rehearse timings.
  • Save in other formats.
  • Use Package Presentation for CD.

In this project you will learn about using data from other programs in your slides, especially an outline, images, and an Excel spreadsheet. Images and other objects are stacked in layers, so you will need to learn how to manage them when they overlap.

You will also learn about tables and charts and about saving your presentation in various special ways.