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Jan's Working with Presentations

   Basics: Exercise PPT 1-4

You will now exercise your imagination! It's time to try out your new skills without specific directions. Scared? Don't worry. It's not far to fall.

This exercise does not use any of the resource files.

Exercise PowerPoint 1-4: On Your Own

What you will do: Create a presentation of your own

You can create something entirely from your imagination or do a presentation you can actually use - History class assignment, club award ceremony, background info on speakers or awardees to run during dinner, speech for class, tutorial for an after-school program. You come up with the task and write the presentation to do the job.

Think ahead! You will be doing slide and text formatting later and how to get motion into your presentation. You will have an On Your Own assignment for those projects, too. Plan this one right and you can add those features to it later.

  • At least 5 slides including the title slide.
  • At least 2 bullet points on a slide but no more than 5.
  • Include a header for the handouts with the date and page number and your name and PPT Ex. 1-4 at the left.
  • Class disk Save to your Class disk with the name ex1-4-Lastname-Firstname.pptx.
  • Icon: Printer Choose an appropriate handout layout and print your presentation as a handout.