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Jan's Working with Presentations

   Format: Exercise PPT 2-1

Finished handoutFinished handoutYou need to use what you just learned, and maybe learn a little more. Complete all parts of the following exercises. Don't forget to backup your Class disk when you have completed the exercises or whenever you stop for the day and saved a document along the way.  




This exercise does not use any of the resource files but does download a theme. You will be creating a presentation with a template.

Exercise PowerPoint 2-1: Create with Template

What you will do: Create presentation with a content template
Delete slide.
Edit/Replace temporary text.
Apply a theme.
Edit Slide Master.
Apply animation to Slide Master.
Use the Pre-Print Checklist.
Print handout with header and footer.

Start with:  Icon: PowerPoint with blank presentation

The Computers Today magazine has financial problems. You will create a presentation using a content template for a meeting with the magazine staff about what the problems are and what is going to happen next.

  1. Template from Microsoft.com - Presentation of Bad NewsCreate a new presentation with a template: Communicating Bad News
    This template can no longer be downloaded from Microsoft but may be found with a search online. Use your browser to search for powerpoint template bad news. Download the template and save it to a folder that you can find again. Start a new presentation with it. It opens in Protected View.

    Template: Communicating Bad News - slide sorter view

    Icon: TroubleProblem: Cannot find the template in the illustration
    Solution: Download another template that seems relevant.
    You will be changing the text and applying a new theme, so the choice at the beginning is not very important.
  2. Enable Editing.
  3. Icon: Class flash driveSave with the name  ex2-1-badnews-Lastname-Firstname.pptx  to your Class disk to your powerpoint project2 folder
  4. Read the suggestions on the slides for what your content should include.
  5. Edit Slide 1:
      Title = Computers Today: Trouble
      Subtitle = Your name
  6. Delete the last recommended slide, Summary.
  7. Replace the temporary text with the following, using the default bullet styles:

    Slide #2:
    Our Situation

    • Subscriptions are down
    • Costs are up

    Slide #3:
    How Did This Happen?

    • Paper and postage prices jumped last year
    • Expected high volume of new subscriptions after new versions of Windows and Office did not happen

    Slide #4:
    Alternatives Considered

    • Cut back:
      • Number of pages
      • Use of color
      • Salaries
    • Add special marketing
    • Change editorial direction

    Slide #5:

    • Change editorial direction
      • More in-depth reporting of trends
      • Info for both power users and casual users
    • Increased marketing
      • Target home users and new users
      • Special rates, awards for extended subscription

    Slide #6:
    Our Vision for the Future

    • To be THE computer magazine
    • Next year - 20% more subscriptions 
  8. Change the Theme to Module )2007 and 2010) or Berlin (2013 and 2016).
  9. Slide Master: Bullet Text Placeholder
    • Increase the font size two times
    • Add Float Up animation - by 2nd level paragraphs
  10. Add Header/Footer for Handouts:
    • Date/Time - automatically update
    • Page number
    • Header: Type in your name and PowerPoint Exercise 2-1 to show at the top left.
    • Footer: Type in the file name ex2-1-badnews-Lastname-Firstname.pptx at the bottom left, using your own first and last names.
  11. Finished handout (Berlin theme)Finished handout (Module theme)Use the Pre-Print Checklist and make changes if needed.
  12. Play the Slide Show and make changes if needed.
  13. To print, select:
     Handout layout with 6 slides per page
  14. Select to p rint in black and white.
    Gray scale may hide the titles because the dark text is close to the dark background color. But some printers will kept printing in gray scale instead of Black and White, even though PowerPoint and the printer are set to Black and White. It is important to test your printer!

  15. Icon: Printer Print the handout.
  16. Icon: Class flash driveSave and close the presentation.