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Jan's Working with the Web

    Browser Basics: Quiz

For each question, click on Radio Button the radio button for your answer. You will be notified immediately whether your choice is correct or not. Double clicking may work better in some browsers.

Choose the BEST answer. 

1. To connect to the Internet when you are not connected to a network, you can use a regular telephone line and _____. 

a. a modem

b.  email software

 c.  an ISDN terminal adaptor

 d.  IRC software

2. Which of the following web addresses includes the protocol?

  a. www.microsoft-east.com

  b. dir.yahoo.com

  c. www.myplace.com/IE/index.html

  d. http://www.micro.com/~hed/fonts

3. To return to the web page that you just left, you can _____.

  a. click the Back button

  b. click the Forward button

  c. double-click the History button

  d. use the key combo CTRL + SHIFT + b

4. The toolbar in which you can type a web address is the _____ Bar.

  a. Status

  b. Format

  c. Address

  d. Navigation

  e. Links

5. An image with a web address attached to it is a _____.

  a. map

  b. link

  c. document

  d. result

6. You want a local copy of a web page (a copy on your computer). You want all of its images and formatting, too. You expect that later you may need to move that data to a flash drive. The best file format to use is ______.

  a. Webpage, complete

  b. Web Archive, single file

  c. Web page, HTML only

  d. Text file

7. To search the largest collection of Web pages for information on black holes you would probably use a _____.

  a. encyclopedia

  b. search engine

  c. web directory

  d. portal

8. To open a link in a new browser window you would _____.

  a. right-click on the link and choose Open in a new window

  b. click the link while holding down the CTRL key

  c. double-click the link while holding down the CTRL key

  d. choose from the menu  Window  >  New   

9. To see what a web page will look like when printed, you can _____.

  a. click the Print Preview button on the toolbar

  b. select from the menu  File or right click on the page to get a context menu and then click on  Print Preview  (or on Print... in Chrome)

  c. right click on the page, select Print, and in the Print dialog select Preview

  d.  just print the page and see what you get because you cannot see a preview.

10. You are looking for information on valuable postage stamps. You find a category in a web directory about postage stamps. Then you also search with the word stamp in a search engine. The results list from the web directory will be _____.

 a. longer than the list from a search engine

  b. shorter than the list from a search engine

  c. more likely to be what you want than if you used a search engine

  d. less likely to be what you want than if you used a search engine