HTML Basics:
Web 2-5 On Your Own

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
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Use your own imagination to write a web page of your own. It could be a personal home page that tells who you are and what your interests are. It could be a page about an organization you are a member of or about your home town or school. It could be a page about an interest of yours like outer space, turtles, ballet, a sport, or painting. 

Whatever your topic, keep your page easy to read and interesting and short enough to not take too long to download.


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Before you start...

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Project 2: HTML Basics
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Exercise Web 2-5:  On Your Own

Start with: Class disk FrontPage or FPX  

Write a web page that includes at least:

  • one image that is aligned in some way
  • a horizontal line
  • two heading types
  • two different fonts and two font sizes
  • timestamp
  • background color or image
  • a link and an email link
  • a table - either a data or positioning table