FrontPage Interface

Icon: FrontPage Title Bar

Toolbar:  Titlebar

There is nothing exciting about the FP Title Bar. It shows the path to the current document and has the normal window buttons at the right: Minimize, Maximize, Close.

Icon: FrontPage Menu Bar

Toolbar: Menu Bar

 The Menu Bar has a number of menus should which look familiar. Your most common actions are usually on buttons also.

Icon: New for 2002New to FrontPage 2002 is the Help textbox. Now you can type in your search words before you open a Help dialog window.

Icon: FrontPage Standard Bar

Toolbar: Standard - labeled

The Standard toolbar shows most of the same buttons as usual for handling the ordinary tasks - New, Open, Save, Print, etc. It can display as a floating bar or it can be docked at the edge of the window.

This bar also includes the browser buttons Refresh and Stop and a number of buttons you will not have seen in other programs, described below.

New Buttons:

There are some new buttons that you won't find in Word and Excel or FrontPage Express.

Pane: SearchButton: Search Search: opens a Search pane where you can search for text on your page or within your web or on your drives.
Button: Publish web Publish web: Publishes the current web to the last location used for publishing this web. Be sure you know what this is before clicking!

Button: Toggle pane Toggle pane: Displays or hides the pane that shows the Folder list or Navigation view.

Button: Preview in browser Preview in browser: Opens a browser window that displays the page you are editing. You can choose which of your installed browsers to use and at what window size.

Button: Web Components Web component: Inserts such features as hit counters and dynamic content.

Icon: FrontPage Formatting Bar

Toolbar: Formatting

The formatting bar holds buttons which affect the look of your text. These look quite like buttons in Word and Excel. However, they do not work quite the way they do in other programs.

Buttons on the Formatting Bar apply HTML code to selected text to create their effects. You do not have as many choices as you may be used to seeing in other programs, like Word.

Button: Style with list expandedButton: Style The Style box lists HTML block elements like headings, paragraphs, and list parts. Unlike Word, you cannot create your own styles here.

To create your own styles, you must use a Cascading Style Sheet. Then your custom styles will be listed here. This is an advanced topic and is not discussed in HTML Basics.
Button: Font Size The Font Size shows a point size, but actually uses the HTML size at the left instead. The point size is an estimate of what size you will see.

Buttons: Increase and Decrease font size The Increase and Decrease Indent buttons apply BLOCKQUOTE tags around the block element. This creates an indention on both left and right sides.

Icon: FrontPage Views Bar

Toolbar: Views in FrontPage

Use the Views Bar to change what is displayed in the document pane.

Page:  shows an HTML page in either Normal view, HTML view, or Preview.

Folders:  shows the contents of the folder selected in the Folders List.

Reports:  shows one of FrontPage's reports about the status of your web.

Navigation:  shows a diagram you create of how pages are related to each other. FrontPage can use this to create navigation links.

Hyperlinks:  shows a diagram of links between your files.

Tasks:  shows the list of tasks you have created to remind you of what needs to be done.

Icon: FrontPage Folder List

Pane: Folder List

The Folder List pane shows all the files and folders in the current web and only those. You cannot navigate here to files or folders outside this web.

Key feature:
If you move or rename a file in the Folder List, FrontPage will update all links to the file automatically. That won't happen if you use Explorer instead.

You can use the tabs at the bottom of the pane to switch from Folder List view to Navigation view.

Icon: FrontPage Status Bar

Toolbar: Statusbar-labeled

 The Status Bar does not have too much on it.

Message area:  Shows the URL of a hyperlink, path of an image, or browser messages (in Preview). [See Browser Basics: IE Statusbar for more on the various browser messages you might see.]

Status Icon: The arrow spins and changes to a globe and back when FrontPage is busy, perhaps publishing the web or recalculating the links.

Toolbar: Statusbar - popup of connection speeds for calculating Download TimeDownload time:  When you are creating or editing a page on your hard disk, FrontPage estimates how long it will take for a browser to download the current page at the selected speed. You can change the speed by right clicking on the time and then clicking on the speed you want.

When you download a page from a web site to edit it, the time is the actual time it took to download the page and its images.

Icon: FrontPage Document

FrontPage Express with page open for editing

 A document in FrontPage Normal view looks a lot like it will look in a browser. The spacing may be off a bit, especial with nested tables. The table cell boundaries are shown by default.

Icon: New for 2002For each open document there is a tab at the top of the document. You cannot minimize a document inside it's pane.

At the bottom of the pane are buttons to select the view: Normal, HTML, and Preview.

HTML view
HTML view

Reveal Tags

For some tasks, the Normal view does not give enough information and the HTML view is hard to dig around in. For example, you may want to see where an ending tag actually is or whether it is there at all.

You can change the Normal view to reveal where the various tags start and stop with the menu  View |  Reveal Tags  or the key combo CTRL + /. When your mouse hovers over a tag, a ToolTip pops up to show the whole tag text. Very handy! This view will not be very WYSIWYG since  the tag icons take up a lot of space.

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