HTML Basics:

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
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Choose the BEST answer. 

1. An advantage of using basic HTML to create a document is that ____. 

  a.  all word processors can display the document
  b. all browsers can display the document
  c.  it will print better than a word processing document
 d.  it is easier to write in HTML

2. Factors that affect how an HTML document looks on the monitor do not include_____.

  a.  operating system
  b.  window size
  c.  color depth
  d.  meta tags

3. Every HTML document must include the tags _____.

  a. <html> </html>& <body> </body>
  b. <body> </body> & at least one <p>
  c. <html> </html> & <head> </head>

4. To create a link you surround the text or image with a(n) _____ tag.

   a.  link
   b.  anchor
   c.  reference
   d.  target

5.  To create an HTML document all you need is a knowledge of the tags, something to say, and _____.

  a.  a text editor
  b.  a browser
  c.  an Internet connection
  d.  web space at a web hosting service

6.  If the HTML code looks like :
<font face="Arial" size="3" color="#000000">Welcome</font>
then the text would look like:

  a. Welcome
  b. Welcome
  c. Welcome
  d. Welcome

7.  The tag that starts a table cell is _____.

   a. <table>
   b. <tc>
    c. <td>
   d. <tr>

8.  The button to use to insert an image is _____.

  a.  button showing a robot
  b. button showing an artist's palette
  c.  button showing a table
  d.  button showing a picture of mountains

9.  To make text move down below an image on the left side of the page, you should insert a break that will _____.

  a.  clear left
  b.  clear right
  c.  clear margin
  d.  be a normal line break

10.  With a careful choice of HTML tags and their attributes, a web author _____ be sure of what the viewer will see when looking at the web page.

  a. can
  b. cannot