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Jan's Working with Windows:

  Windows Basics: Quiz

For each question, click on Radio Button the radio button for your answer. You will be notified immediately whether your choice is correct or not. Double clicking may work better in some browsers.

Choose the BEST answer. 

1. The Title bar button which will enlarge the window to cover the whole desktop is _____. 

a.  choice a or choice a or choice a

b.  choice b or choice b or choice b

 c.  choice c or  choice c or choice c

 d.  choice d or choice d or choice d

2. On the Task bar the time is shown in the _____. 

  a. Start menu 

  b. Scrollbar 

  c. Desktop 

  d. Notification area or Tray

3. To make a window wider, you would move the pointer until it changes to the Horizontal Resize shape and then _____. 

  a. click 

  b. right click

  c. double-click 

  d. drag 

4. A WinXP style Help window is used also by some programs. To search for Help articles that contain a particular word, you could use the _____ 

  a. Contents tab 

  b. Index tab 

  c. Find or Search

  d. both b and c 

5. When you let your pointer linger over an object, the pointer is _____.

  a. hovering 

  b. elapsing 

  c. dragging 

  d. expanding 

6. The window which shows icons for things like the mouse, sound, and display is _____. 

  a. My Computer or Computer

  b. Explorer or File Explorer

  c. Control Panel 

  d. Taskbar 

7. To see Help for Windows itself you could _____. 

  a. click on Help in any menu bar 

  b. click on the Taskbar 

  c. press ALT + ENTER 

  d. open the Start menu or screen and search for Help

8. A right click on the desktop itself will _____. 

  a. open the Display Properties dialog box 

  b. show a context-sensitive menu 

  c. open the Control Panel 

  d. minimize all open applications 

9. If a dialog box has 4 radio buttons in the same group, you may choose _____. 

  a. exactly one of them 

  b. exactly two if they are grouped in two columns (one from each column) 

  c. any number of them 

10. A keyboard shortcut _____.

  a. cannot be used to execute commands inside an application, only in Windows itself

  b. can be used to open the Start menu or switch to the Start screen

  c. is a combination of two or more keys from the keyboard