Project 2: AutoTools
Exercise Word 2-3

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
Did you want: Working with Words: Word 2007,2010,2013,2016 or españolIcon: Change web

You will use the Letter Wizard to create a letter to a soccer coach announcing the teams and practice locations. You will use WordArt, a frame created by the wizard, and clipart to create a letterhead for the letter.

These exercises are about fictional organizations and fictional people.

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Exercise Word 2-3: Letter Wizard - Soccer Info

What you will do:

use the Letter Wizard

Start with:Class disk, Show Marks is on.

  1. Start a new document with the Letter Wizard.
    Icon: Word 97 Icon: Word 2000  File  |  New  |  Letters & Faxes 
    Icon: Word 2002Icon: Word 2003 File  |  New . Click on Letter Wizard in the New Document task pane in the list of recently used templates.
    Task Pane: Letter Wizard link Task Pane: Letter Wizard link (2003)
    Icon: Trouble No link for Letter Wizard: Click on the link On my computer... , choose the Letters & Faxes tab, and click on the icon for the Letter Wizard.
  2. Choose the Professional letter with Full Block style; no pre-printed letterhead.
  3. Use the following information in the appropriate steps:

    Recipient:  Manuel Sanchez 

    Delivery address:  Las Heras 2139 

                              Cordoba 800 Argentina 

    Subject:  Soccer Teams and Practice 

    Sender:  Juan Yomal 

    Address:  Belgrano 2185 

                   Cordoba 800 Argentina 

    Title:  President 

    Company:  City Soccer League 

    Initials:  JY 

  4. Type the lines below as the body of the letter. [If you want to print out a copy of this text, open this copy to print and from the menu select File | Print.]

    Text- Soccer Info for Exercise Word 2-3

  5. Select the lines of text from the line starting with  Team  through the line starting with  Mustangs . On the ruler set manual tabs at 1", 1.5", 3", 4".
  6. Use the TAB key to move the text over to create tabbed columns.
  7. If necessary, apply Body Text style to the selected text. (This will add spacing between paragraphs.)
  8. Put an outside  border around the lines of the tabbed text.
  9. For the line starting with  Team , set Shading = Black; Font Color = White; Bold.  
  10. Set shading for alternating lines of the team information to 20% gray and apply to Paragraph.  (Hint: select at least part of the text in the line first.) 
  11. Use a line break to make the last line of the table space as tall as the previous lines. Then left justify the final column to remove extra spacing from the Justify alignment.
  12. Use WordArt to create a logo for City Soccer League, using the scheme on row 2 column 4 of the Gallery. Change the font size to 28. Move the WordArt object to the top center of the letter, but don't hide the address at the top.  
    Icon: Word 2002
    Icon: Word 2003 To move the WordArt logo you must use the Format WordArt dialog. On the Layout tab select Square.
  13. The wizard created a frame at the top of the page for the sender's address. Click on the frame to select it and type  President: Juan Yomal  as a first line. Make the existing two lines into a single line. Set first line to Bold and font size 12. For both lines: center and set the font color to White. (The text will disappear for now.) For the frame, in the Tables and Borders bar, set line style = Solid, line weight = 3, border color = Black, style = Outside Border, shading = Dark Red.  
  14. Resize the frame to reach across the top of the page. Send the frame to the back. Drag the WordArt to center it at the top of the text box. Insert paragraph marks in the frame to move the text down below the WordArt. Click in a blank area of the letter to unselect your work.
  15. Insert from the Clipart Gallery the same clipart image of a soccer player kicking a ball that you used in Exercise Word 1-2 . Format the picture, if necessary, with Layout = In front of text. Resize the image and drag to the left of the frame. The image should be a little taller than the frame. If the background is not transparent, rearrange the red box and the WordArt so that it is not hidden by the image.
  16. Document- Exercise Word 2-3 from Letter WizardCreate a header with your name, the date, Exercise Word 2-3.
  17. Spell check; preview. 
  18. Class disk Save to your Class disk in the  word project2  folder as  letter-soccer.doc 
    Full disk How to handle a full disk
  19. Print icon Print.
Warning You will need this letter in Word Project 4 exercise 2. Don't delete it.