Project 2: AutoTools
Exercise Word 2-4

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
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Lining things up is one of the hardest things to do in life. In a word processor you can use tabs, columns, or tables. In Exercise Word 2-3 your used tabs to create a neat display. But, with tabs you can't include a bullet for each item across the page.

For this exercise you will create a set of columns to align a survey form for the newsletter Computers Today.

These exercises are about fictional organizations and fictional people.

These exercises use files from the word resource files. The default location for these files is c:\My Documents\complit101\words\
Save the documents to your Class disk as you make changes. These files are  Read-Only so that you cannot save them in the original place. This keeps the original resource files intact in case you need to start over or another student will be using this same computer.

Where you are:
JegsWorks > Lessons > Word97-2003

Before you start...

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Exercise Word 2-4: Columns & Bullets - a Survey 

What you will do:

format data into columns
format a list with bullets

Start with:Class disk, Show Marks is on, survey.doc from resource files.

  1. Open the file survey.doc from the resource files in the words folder. The document contains a numbered list with several items associated with each number. 

    If you are curious as to how the background picture works, search on "watermark" in Word's Help. It is a bit tricky.

  2. Create bullets: Bullet the items under each number using for the bullet symbol an open circle. Adjust the indention if necessary.
  3. Create columns: Turn the bulleted lists into columns, but don't put the numbered items in the columns. (Refer to picture of final document to see how many columns for each question.)
  4. Adjust columns: Adjust the widths of the columns, if necessary, so that as many items as possible will fit on one line. 
  5. Format questions: To the numbered lines, add a top border and make them bold

    For each numbered line, place the cursor in the paragraph and open the  Format  |  Paragraph  dialog. Set the space before the paragraph and the space after to 6 pt.  

  6. Completed SurveyAdd to the header your name, two spaces, the date, tab twice, and  Exercise Word 2-4. 
  7. Preview. [Your text should be on exactly one page.]
  8. Class disk Save to your Class disk in the  word project2  folder as  survey-Computers Today.doc 
    Full disk How to handle a full disk
  9. Print icon  Print.