Project 2: AutoTools

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
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Did you use the default circle bullets? It is easy to change the symbol used for bullets to something more interesting. The same procedure works to change the format of numbered lists, too.

Dialog- Bullets

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Step-by-Step: Bullets

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What you will learn:

to change the shape for bullets
to change the size for bullets
to change the indention for bullets

Start with:Class disk , trip planner5.doc

  1. Select the bulleted lines for Package 1 on page 1.
  2. While selected, right click on the selection and choose Bullets and Numbering from the popup menu.

    The most recently used bullets are shown on the Bulleted tab. Different font sizes may look just alike.

  3. Select one of the schemes and then click on the button Customize to change it. The Customize Bulleted List dialog opens, where you can change how your list looks.

    Dialog - Customized Bulleted List

  4. To change the bullet symbol, click on the Bullet or Character button in the middle. The Symbol dialog opens, showing the font containing the current bullet, which is selected.

    Dialog- Symbol

  5. Select the Wingdings font from the drop list.

    Only the symbol fonts on your computer are listed in the Font drop list. Other such fonts include Wingdings 2, Wingdings 3, and Webdings. Some fancy letter fonts will show up here, too.

    Dialog- Symbol - Wingdings

  6. Click on the right pointing arrow symbol Ø.
    In older versions it is in row 7, twelfth from the right. In newer versions, the dialog box can be resized, so the location will vary.
  7. Click on OK to close the Symbol dialog.

    This scheme's indents will replace what you had before, so you need to reset the indent rules.

    Dialog- Customized Bullet - arrow selected Dialog: Customize Bulleted List (2003)

  8. Back in the Customize Bulleted List dialog, indent the bullet by setting the Bullet position to 0.25". Indent the text by setting the Text position to 0.5".
    Icon: Word 2002Icon: Word 2003 Also set the Tab space after to 0.5".

    Notice the Preview in the dialog of how your choices will look.

  9. To format the bullet itself, click on the Font... button. The Font dialog opens.
  10. Set the Point Size to 12 in the Font dialog. Any settings here apply only to the bullet itself, not to the text in the list. You could change the color and styling here also.
  11. Bulleted list Package 2, after formatting the bulletsClick on OK.

    Your list is reformatted with your new bullet choice. Repeating for the other three trip packages will be much easier.

  12. Select the bulleted lines for Package 2. Click Button: Bullets the Bullet button. The bullets are removed. Click the button again. The scheme you just created is applied!

    Icon: TroubleIndention is not right: Right click on the selected items and choose Bullets and Numbering again. Do you have two similar schemes? Open one and customize again and apply.  You may need to use the Decrease Indent button Button: Decrease Indent to move the list to the left margin and then click the Increase Indent button Button: Increase Indent once. The arrows should line up neatly under the first "a" in "Package 1".
  13. Repeat for Packages 3 and 4.
  14. Class diskSave as  trip planner6.htm 
    Full disk How to handle a full disk

Document after formatting bullets