Project 2: AutoTools

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
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While automatic features are great and save a lot of time, they don't always do quite what you want. You need to make a number of adjustments to what AutoFormat did.

You will practice a bit with the Page Setup dialog and with the ruler, but you won't do all that can be done with these wonderful features.

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Step-by-Step: Change Margins

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What you will learn:

to use Page Setup to change margins
to use the ruler to change indention
to fix alignments

Start with:Class disk , trip planner4.doc

Adjust Margins with Page Setup

You need to get the dividing line that you created earlier onto the same page as the form and get the blanks lined up with their labels.

  1. Select lines starting with the dividing line on page 2 through all the lines of the form on page three.
  2. While the lines are selected, open the Page Setup dialog. ( File  |  Page Setup )
  3. Dialog - Page SetupOn the Margins tab, set the left and right margins to 1".

    Be sure that the Apply to box says Selected Text!

  4. Click on the OK button.

    The default margin in Word is for side margins to be 1.25". Smaller margins leave more room for text and now your form lines are in the right place.

  5. Scroll to see what has changed. Word creates a Next Page section break, which moves the double dividing line you drew over to page 3.

    Text- section break

    Document after changes margins of a section

Adjust Indent with Ruler

The line starting with Name is now too far to the left. Sometimes it seems like the more changes you make, the more messes there are to clean up!

We can fix this one using the ruler to change the indention.

  1. Ruler - dragging leftMove the cursor to the line starting with Name. Anywhere in the line will do just fine.
  2. On the ruler, drag the rectangle under the pointer from the margin edge to the right. A dotted line appears while you drag. When the dotted line reaches the left end of the top lines of text, release the mouse button.

    Ruler-after draggingNow the whole paragraph (Name plus the fill-in-the-blank line after it) lines up with the line below it. You just changed the indention of the paragraph.

Adjust Alignment with TAB and DELETE

The fill-in-the-blank lines for  Trip to  and  Trip dates  are no longer lined up. Sometimes you need to change the size of part of your document to get a good fit. In this case its the length of the lines.

Applying the style from the Style Gallery changed the justification. Changing the margins has made some of the blanks too long.

  1. Move your cursor somewhere to the left of Trip dates on its line. Each arrow Tab symbol shows a tab stop.
    Icon: Trouble  Marks for tabs Tab symbol are not showing: Turn on the showing of marks by clicking the Show Marks button Button: Show Marks.
  2. Press the TAB key once. The words Trip dates move right and are now directly underneath Trip to since Trip to is positioned with a tab stop itself. However, now the fill-in-the-blank line is on a different line. It's too long to fit in the space to the right of Trip to.

    Do you feel like everything you fix breaks something else?!
  3. Place your cursor in the middle of the blank below Trip dates.
  4. Press the DELETE key. This shortens the line enough to fit on the previous line. It should take only 1 deletion, if you got the margins and indention right. 

Text- blank moved up onto correct line

Apply Heading Style

Now to a really odd bit of autoformatting. AutoFormat did not format the 4 checkbox list items all the same! What kind of sense is this?!

You will have to apply the correct style yourself.

  1. Click in the line with a checkbox for Package 1. What style shows in the Styles selection box? It should be Heading 3.
  2. Select the line for Package 2, which is using the style Body Text.
  3. Apply the style Heading 3.
    Hint: Drop the Styles list and type an H to move quickly to the right section.
    Keyboard  Or you can use the key comb CTRL + ALT + 3 and not have to deal with the long list of styles that AutoFormat created.)
  4. Repeat for the line about Package 4.

    Text- checkboxes formatted

  5. Class disk Save as  trip planner5.doc 

    Full disk How to handle a full disk