Project 2: AutoTools
Text Boxes

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
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A text box is simply a shape that can hold text. A frame is similar but is not as useful. Text boxes are used instead of frames in nearly all situations from Word 97 onward.  

Text box handlesText boxes come in a large number of shapes called AutoShapes. The rectangle is still the most often used shape.

These shapes are completely resizable. Just drag the handles. But be careful. Dragging a corner handle will not keep the shape's proportions! Hold down the SHIFT key while you drag a corner handle to keep a shape's proportions.



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Features of Text Boxes

Link: One major advantage of putting text into text boxes is that you can link text boxes together to flow text from one part of a document to another. This what a newspaper article does when it finishes several pages away from where it started.

Dialog-Format Text Box

Wrap: Text boxes were formerly used in complex ways to wrap text around graphics. But starting with Word 97, it's a lot easier. The Format Text Box dialog lets you control wrapping in many ways.

Format: Drawing bar tools can be used to format a text box. You can rotate or flip text or add 3-D effects, shadows, borders, colors, and fills.

Toolbar - Drawing

Spell Check: Spell Check normally will still see the text in a text box. When the text box is grouped with other drawing objects, Word may get confused. Check your spelling and grammar early.

Icon Step-by-Step 

Step-by-Step: Text Boxes

 Icon Step-by-Step

What you will learn:

to create a text box
to change the shape of a text box
to edit a text box
to group a text box with an image

Start with: Class disk, letter-AAA3.doc

The AAA Sales logo looks a bit lonely. It needs an address to keep it company. You will take the address that is at the bottom of the letter and put it into a text box underneath the AAA Sales logo.

Create Text Box

  1. On the Drawing toolbar click on Button-Text Box the Text Box button. Your pointer changes to Pointer - Precisioon Select the Precision Select shape. 
  2. Textbox created around AAA logoDrag to create a text box around the WordArt logo that is large enough to hold the logo and the address below it.

    Your logo vanishes!! Not to worry. It is hidden by the opaque text box. You will fix this shortly.

Add Text

  1. Address at letter bottom selectedSelect the address lines at the bottom of the page and cut them.
  2. Address pasted into new test boxPaste the text you cut into the text box you created.
  3. Click in front of the first line of the address and press the ENTER key repeatedly to move the address down to the bottom of the text box.
     Address moved to bottom of text box

Change Stacking Order

You need to put the text box behind the WordArt logo. You must change the order of these drawing objects.

  1. If necessary, select the text box. (Its borders can be wide diagonal lines or dots.)
  2. If necessary, open the Drawing toolbar by clicking the Button - Drawing button.
  3. Menu - Draw | Order | Send to BackOn the Drawing toolbar, select  Draw  |  Order  |  Send to Back . This moves the text box to the bottom of the stack of objects underneath it. In this case the AAA logo is the only object.

    Logo with address moved to the backIf you positioned your text box correctly, you can now see both the address and the logo.

  4. Make adjustments if the address and logo don't seem in quite the right positions. Drag the logo or the text box until you are satisfied. Be sure the pointer has changed to the Pointer: Move shape Move shape or you will be resizing instead of moving!

    If the text box is not large enough, click on its border to get handles and resize the box.

    TipTo move WordArt, you must move the pointer over one of the letters.
    TipTo move a text box, the pointer must be over its border.

Format Text Box

  1. Click in the text box, but not on the logo, to select the text box.
  2. Menu - Draw | Change Autoshapes | Basic ShapesOn the Drawing bar, select  Draw  |  Change AutoShape  |  Basic Shapes  and choose the rounded rectangle shape.
  3. Text box - USA is missing from addressOn the Drawing bar, change:
        Button- Line Color line color to Dark Blue 
        Button - Text Color text color to Dark Blue 
        Button- Line Style   line style to  single solid line

    Part of the address is now hidden because of the wider line and the rounded shape around the text box. You can fix this by deleting one or more of those blank lines you put in above the address. Its a tiny bit trickier than it looks at first. Your mouse cannot get to the lines underneath the logo so that you can delete one or two. You could change the stacking order, but then you couldn't see where the logo was to know when things were lining up right. There is an easier way to get underneath object.

  4. If necessary, show marks by clicking the Button - show/Hide Marks Show/Hide Marks button.   

  5. Click in the first line of the address. Use the up arrow to move the cursor up to a line underneath the AAA Sales logo.  

  6. Completed Text Box with LogoPress the DELETE key to remove the paragraph. Repeat if necessary to move the full address into view.   

  7. Adjust the placement or size of text box if needed.

Group Objects

As a safety precaution, it is wise to group objects that should stay to together. That way you won't accidentally mess up the arrangement you worked so hard to get just right.

  1. Logo is selectedSelect both the logo by clicking on one of its letters.

    Handles appear around the logo. 
  2. Text box and logo are selectedHold down the SHIFT key and click on the border of the text box. Both the logo and the text box are now selected. Handles show for both objects.

  3. Text box and logo are groupedFrom the Drawing bar, select  Draw  |  Group 

    This merges the two objects. Now they are treated as one object and can be moved together without changing their relationship to each other.

    Handles appear only for the combined object. The heavy selection border for the text box does not appear for the new group.

    Later you can ungroup a group with  Draw  |  Ungroup . If you have ungrouped, you can get your group back without having to click on each object again. (A great idea!) Use  Draw  |  Regroup  .

  4. Class disk Save as  letter-AAA4.doc  in the  word project2  folder of your Class disk.
    Full disk How to handle a full disk

Header vs. Drawing object

  1. Add a header (Double-click in the header! This only works after a header has been created, but the Letter Wizard did that for you unless you erased it.)
  2. Type your name, 2 spaces, the date, tab twice, and  Word Project 2 .

    Header behind text box

    Notice that the AAA logo is very close to or is overlapping the header area and blocks the text you typed on the right.

  3. dragging bottom margin of headerEnlarge the margin by dragging the boundary between the white and gray parts of the vertical ruler down just a little. The letter text and the logo move down as you enlarge the margin. Keep dragging until the header text is entirely visible.

    Header is clear of text box

  4. Close the Header/Footer bar.

Preview & Print

TipThe whole signature block will move to a second page together if there is not room for it.

  1. Letter - completedView your letter in Print Preview. It should be one page long.

    Icon: TroubleLetter is longer than one page:
    Delete any blank lines at the end of the letter.  If necessary, make changes to the margin widths in Page Setup to fit the letter onto one page. Perhaps you got the top margin TOO tall.

  2. Class disk Save. [ letter-AAA4.doc]
    Full disk How to handle a full disk
  3. Print icon If all is correct, print.
  4. When your printout is done and you have verified that it is correct, close the document window.

Congratulations on using a wizard and making a logo!