Project 2: AutoTools
Word Art

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
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Sometimes plain words just won't do. You need characters with some pizzazz. WordArt can help you create attractive logos and fancy text to really catch the reader's eye. This program is accessed from the Drawing toolbar in Word.
[In Word 95 it is available as an Object on the Insert menu.]

WordArt samples

WarningYour WordArt text is not regular text. It can be edited only with WordArt. Spell check won't see it any more than it would a picture of a tree. So be careful with your spelling when you create WordArt!

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WordArt Features

WordArt handlesWhen you use WordArt, you are actually creating a drawing object. Like imported images and drawing objects, a WordArt object has handles that you drag to resize. In fact you can use all the Drawing tools on your WordArt.

WordArt comes with some pre-designed special effect schemes to get you started. You can edit every aspect of the scheme including the rotation, line colors, line widths, shadows, 3D perspective, texture, light source, gradient, font, and font size. Because there are so many settings that you can change, the WordArt Gallery is a real help, even if you wind up changing several settings.

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Step-by-Step: WordArt

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What you will learn:

to create a logo using WordArt
to change the color and fill effect

Start with: Class disk, letter-AAA2.doc

Create WordArt

  1. Open the Drawing toolbar, if necessary, by clicking on Button: Drawingthe Drawing button on the Standard toolbar. This bar is often docked at the bottom edge of the window.

    Toolbar- Drawing

  2. WordArt GalleryClick on Button- WordArt the WordArt button. The WordArt Gallery appears with 30 pre-designed special effects.
  3. WordArt effect buttonChoose the special effect scheme shown in row 4 column 2.

  4. Dialog- Edit WordArtClick on OK. The dialog named Edit WordArt Text opens.
  5. Type as replacement text  AAA Sales .
  6. Change the font to Rockwell Extra Bold. (if you don't have this font, choose Rockwell or something similar and click the Bold button.)
  7. Leave the Size at 36.
  8. WordArt appears in middle of letterClick on OK to insert your WordArt into your letter.
    Your WordArt will appear somewhere on the page. You may need to move the WordArt toolbar to see if the toolbar is floating.
    Handles on selected WordArt objectIcon: Word 2002 Icon: Word 2003 Word 2002/2003 uses circles instead of squares for the handles. The green circle is an anchor point for rotating the WordArt.

Modify WordArt Color/Fill

  1. Drag the WordArt to the upper right of the letter.

    Icon: TroubleWordArt won't drag: The image is not floating but is inline with the text. Right click on the Word Art and select Format WordArt. On the Layout or Wrapping tab, click on Square and then on OK. Now you can drag the WordArt to the upper right of the letter.

  2. Dialog- Format WordArtOn the WordArt bar, click on Button: Format WordArtthe Format WordArt button to open its dialog. If necessary, select the Colors and Lines tab.
  3. Fill paletteClick on the arrow to open the choices for Fill Color. A fill is a color, texture, or pattern applied to a space.
  4. Dialog- Fill Effects | GradientClick on Fill Effects at the bottom of the palette. The dialog opens with the Gradient tab open.

    A gradient is a gradual change from one color to another.

  5. Open the color palette for Color 1 by clicking the arrow at its right. Hold the pointer over a color square in the drop list to see its name in a popup tipColor popup tip.

  6. Change Color 1 to Pale Blue and Color 2 to Teal.

  7. Experiment with the shading styles. Look at the Sample box at the bottom right of the dialog to see what you'd get with that choice.
  8. Leave the Shading style set as Horizontal.
  9. Logo finishedClick on OK to close the Gradient dialog and again on OK to close the Fill Effects dialog. Your text is re-colored.
  10. Close the WordArt toolbar.
  11. Class disk Save as  letter-AAA3.doc  in the  word project 2  folder on your Class disk.
    Full disk How to handle a full disk

    Letter with logo