Project 3: Brochure
Exercise Word 3-1

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
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Sample NewsletterIt's time to practice what you've learned about working with multiple documents and text boxes.

Computers Today has another idea to help boost subscriptions besides the flyer you created in Exercise Word 1-4. They are offering a free issue and they will refund your subscription money if you don't like the newsletter.

They want to mail out a paper which has the first page of a recent newsletter on one side. Half of the other side is for mailing information and the other half promotes the subscription offer. Refer to illustration at the end as you go.

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These exercises use files from the word resource files. The default location for these files is c:\My Documents\complit101\words\ You cannot make changes to these files and save them in the same place. Save the changed documents to your Class disk. This keeps the original resource files intact in case you need to start over or another student will be using this same computer.

In other lessons you will see the same fictional organizations and people that you meet in these exercises: The City Theater, the City Soccer Team, and Computers Today.


Exercise Word 3-1: Newsletter Sample

What you will do:

use a template with text boxes
work with multiple documents
insert an image inside a text box
use Word Art
adjust line spacing

Start with:Class disk Icon- Word with blank document , from resource files

New Doc from Template

  1. Create a new document using the in Student Templates. [File | New ] This template for the newsletter already has the title, volume and issues numbers, and the issue's date and 5 pages.

    Icon: TroubleCan't find the template: Directions for installing.

  2. Read through the temporary text and notice how this document has been designed. Nearly everything is in a text box. You can print it now, if you wish, for future reference.

  3. Look carefully at the paragraph marks. You can see ¶ marks in the text boxes but also a lot on the left side of the page, behind the text box. There are Page Break marks scattered around, too.

    Warning Be careful when selecting in a document with text boxes since it is easy to miss the text box and catch marks on the page itself.

  4. Starting on page 4, delete the text boxes and the paragraph marks behind the text boxes and the breaks until you have only 3 pages left, and the third page is blank.
  5. Delete the footer text, but leave the paragraph mark so that the border will remain.

    Icon: TroubleBorder for footer vanishes: You deleted the paragraph mark as well as the text.
  6. Change the year at the top of the first page to the current year.

Left Text Box - Floppy disk article

  1. On page 1 in the left text box, change the following:
    title to  Good-bye, floppy disk! style = Heading 1- Professional
    subtitle to   New methods make our old friend obsolete , style = Subtitle - Professional
    byline is your own name with style= Byline - Professional
    delete the company name line.
  2. Select the paragraphs following the parts you just changed in the text box and delete them, leaving a blank line and v the "end of article" symbol. There are a lot of paragraphs since this article flows onto page 2. Just keep deleting what you see in the text box until you reach the end.
  3. Open the document  floppyarticle.doc from your resources files in the words folder and copy the text.
  4. Close article and, back in your newsletter sample, paste in the text box below your name.
  5. Format the pasted text as Body Text - Professional and justify it. Update the style to include your change.
  6. Delete the text box at the bottom of this text box, that says  continued on page 2 
  7. Bullet the list of advantages in the article with simple solid circles and indent once. Adjust the tab after the bullet, if necessary, to 1/8" after the bullet. The font should still be: Arial 10 pts.
    Set Space after to 6 pts and Line spacing to exactly 11 pts.
  8. Use this text to create a style called  bullet-article .
  9. If necessary, drag the bottom of the text box down until your last line is in view, with the 4 dots symbol v at the end of article

Table of Contents

  1. Edit the Table of Contents at the bottom left to read:  1 Good-bye, floppy disk ;  1 Ergonomics ;  2 How to buy a video card ;  2 What about 3D video? ;  3 Tips & Tricks for June 
  2. Add a new row at the bottom with text:  4 Microsoft's troubles are not over yet 
  3. Class disk Save as  newsletter-sample.doc  to your Class disk.
    If you are asked about saving changes to the template, choose No.
    Full disk How to handle a full disk

Right Text Box - Ergonomics article

  1. Make changes: title =  Ergonomics ; subtitle =  Why your wrist hurts! ; byline is your own name; delete the line Company name. Styles should be the same as for the left text box: Heading 1 - Professional, Subtitle- Professional, Byline- Professional
  2. Delete the rest of the contents of this text box on the right. (This one flows on to another page, too.)
  3. From the resources files in the words folder, open  Ergonomics_article.doc  and copy the text. Paste in the text box. Close the ergonomics article.
  4. Check the format of the title, subtitle, and author's name, which should match what you did for the floppy disk article.
  5. Apply style Body Text - Professional to the rest of the article.
  6. Apply the style bullet-article to the lines under  Posture  and  Design Features .
  7. Apply Heading 2 to the lines  Posture  and  Design Features 
  8. Modify the style Heading 2 with Space after = 6 pt and scaling = 150%.
  9. Click at the beginning of the paragraph that starts  According to Cornell…  and insert the picture  ergonomicdesk.wmf  from your resource files. Whoops. It didn't all show. Looks really weird! The problem is the line spacing for the paragraph. It is set to exactly 14 pts. No room for a picture.
  10. Undo.
  11. Press ENTER to create a new line.
  12. Change the line spacing for this line to at least 12 pts and insert the image again on this line.
    The rest of the text is hidden outside the text box. You will create another text box for it to flow into on page 2.
  13. Center the image.
    Icon: TroubleParagraph below the image centers also: Put the image on a separate line.
  14. Change the text at the bottom of the text box to read  continued on page 2 .

New Text Box on Page 2

  1. Zoom to Whole Page.
  2. Scroll to page 2 and insert a text box  to cover the right half of the text area.
  3. Link the Ergonomics article's text box to the new one. Your remaining text should appear.

Page 3

This page will form the back side of what is mailed out to potential subscribers. The top half of the page will have the address and return address.

  1. Scroll to page 3. This page should have a blue border.
    Icon: TroublePage border is gone:  Your deleting erased it. You can recreate with  Borders and Shading  Page border . The top border is Black and 4.5 pt. The other sides are Black and 1 pt. Apply to All but the first page. If the border looks too far from the edges, check the margins in Page Setup - top = .6", bottom = .6", left and right = .6 ".
    Icon: TroublePage Setup is grayed out: You have something selected, probably a text box or an image. Click in the margin to deselect whatever was selected.
  2. Insert 2 text boxes in the bottom half of page 3. Make them about 4.5" tall.
  3. Insert WordArt at the top of page 3, using the scheme at the top left of the WordArt Gallery. Use Arial Black at 10 pt . Use as text the following address:
    Computers Today

    Corrientes 1123

    Buenos Aires 1340 Argentina

  4. Format your WordArt return address as Black with Black fill, straight. If necessary, change the Layout to Square.  Rotate it 180 degrees (upside down). [Format WordArt | Size | Rotate ] Position the WordArt address above the right hand text box on page 3. Be sure it is in the top half of the page.
  5. Insert another WordArt creation starting with the scheme in row 1 column 2: text =  Free Issue! ; Arial Black, 24 pt. Fill Color = Blue, no lines, semi-transparent (50%). Position in the top of the right text box.

Left Text Box on Page 3

  1. In the left text box on page 3, type:

    Could you use -

    Tips to make your work easier

    Advice on what to buy and NOT buy

    Comparison tests for hardware and software

    Ideas on what to expect in the future

    Then you need Computers Today – a new newsletter for PC users.

    To make it easy to find out exactly how much you'll like our newsletter, we're making you an offer you just can't refuse!

    Subscribe now and the first issue is free. Plus, if you don't find our newsletter useful, we'll send your money back! How can you lose?

    Subscribe today!

  2. Format the first line : Britannic Bold, 36 pt, Blue , Emboss, condensed by 1 pt.
  3. Format the next 4 lines of the text as: Arial, 12 pt , Bold, Blue, Emboss, bullet Ø (right pointing wedge from Wingdings).
  4. Format remaining text: Arial Rounded MT Bold, 12pt
  5. Center the last line:  Subscribe today!  (If it isn't showing, your text box is not large enough.)
  6. Shade the text box light yellow.
  7. Select the words  Computers Today  in the first line after the bullets and format: embossed, expanded by 1 pt. Reset the color to Blue.

Right Text Box on Page 3

  1. Drag the top of the right text box below the Free Issue WordArt until it is about 2.5" high.
  2. Enter the following text:

    Send your $24 for 12 monthly issues (plus one free issue!) and the mailing label on this flyer to:

    Computers Today

    Subscription Manager

    Corrientes 1123

    Buenos Aires 1340 Argentina

    Please allow 6 weeks to receive your first issue.

  3. Apply the formatting of the black text in the left text box to the text in the text box on the right. (Hint: use Format Painter)
  4. Make the last line italics and 10 pt.
  5. Indent the address lines once.


  1. On the top line of page 3 (not in a text box), type your name and the date. (For your teacher's benefit.)
  2. Preview and spell check . Make any corrections necessary. [Your dictionary may not spot the word "carpel", which should be "carpal". Both are words, but carpel refers to a part of a flower.]
  3. Class disk Save as  newsletter-sample.doc  on your Class disk.
    Full disk How to handle a full disk
  4. Print icon Print pages 1 and 3 only. [If you get an error message about the border being outside the printable area, you can still print, but you will be missing some of the blue border.]

    If you want to print page 3 on the back of page 1, use good quality paper, if you have a choice. The dark bar and title on page 1 may bleed through to the other side. Be careful how you re-insert the paper in the printer. The finished sample page would be folded, addressed, and mailed.

Sample Newsletter