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An INTERACTIVE learning experience.

Tutorial for Beginners on    Email ~ Mailing Lists ~ IRC

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Direct links:   Email Tutorial Mailing Lists Tutorial IRC Tutorial
You'll miss the fun parts though!
And we can't issue you a certificate if you just use the direct links and skip the fun parts. 
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Earn a personalized certificate or a web logo by completing all parts of the tutorial!

To complete the tutorial you will need:

  • Email program
  • email address
  • IRC program.

You may check the Resources page for software sites.

Notes:  This tutorial's pages are optimized for Netscape 3.x . Some features may not function properly under other browsers.

The tutorial is best viewed at 800 x 600 resolution. Certain pages will throw up scroll bars at 640 x 480 due to wide graphics. At resolutions larger that 800 x 600 some alignments and spacing will be unbalanced.

Your browser must be able to interpret JavaScript to load our pages. The link "Get Started!" which starts the tutorial will check to see if your browser is enabled for JavaScript.

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