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This may be the hardest part of email. Not the procedure - remembering to do it!
So a word of advice:   Do the attaching first!
If you wait to finish your message, you may forget to attach anything!

Here we see the dialog box for setting attachments.
Move your mouse over the parts of the window. In Internet Explorer you will see a popup tip with a description of the part. In Netscape check the status bar for a description of their functions.

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To attach a file, click the Attach File... button and enter or browse for the file name.
To attach a location, click the Attach Location (URL)... button and type in the URL.
You will be given the choice of converting the file to plain text or attaching it as is. You'll want to use the "As Is" choice most of the time.

mouse gifClick the OK button.

Email Start

name of file Attach url attach file Delete the file from the list of attachments (not from the hard drive) Convert? OK Cancel button