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An interesting term used by some to describe a mailing list is mail explosion. This was too great a term to leave out so we chose to express this graphically!

One single message exploded all over the world.

There are currently in more than 50,000 public mailing lists and over 100,000 private mailing list currently active, counting just the ones through ListServeLink to another web site. Every list is different. They all have a focus of some sort, a subject. For example:
  • a group of people in the same business
  • people working on a project
  • people who are interested in growing roses
  • people who have a particular disease or problem
  • a group wanting to know everything there is to know about mailing lists
The options are endless!

Some mailing lists are like question and answer forums but most are more like an in-depth conversation about whatever the members enjoy discussing. All together they are kind of like a virtual encyclopedia that is constantly updated.

Each mailing list is managed by a list owner. The list owner is the person (yes, a real human being) responsible for the operation of the list. This includes defining the list's topic, rules that members must follow in order to be on the list and such.

But how do you locate appropriate lists out of 50,000+ to choose from???

Let's see.....

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