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Our fellow subscribers should currently be mulling over our video problems. Those who can offer us help will post suggestions to the list.

While they are thinking, let's explore some handy mailing list features.  Some lists have a web-interface that makes these actions much easier!

Most mailing lists maintain archives of all messages that get posted to the list. These archives are usually saved in what are called log files. The log file contains all messages for a particular period, like one for each month, or perhaps each week or each day (for really busy lists).

This is great, but how do we make use of the logs? Well, there are two ways:-

View the Archives by using the INDEX command

  • This is the simplest method in terms of sending a command.
    However all you'll see is a list of available logs. Then you'll have to request the log for the time period you want. You can then scroll though the file or use the Edit | Find menu command to find a particular message.
Search for Messages by using the SEARCH command
  • This is the ideal, as it allows you to be specific. In its simplest form it is quite straight forward. Advanced searches can get a little tricky. You will find though that it is well worth the effort.
  • We shall explore both options.

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