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The two addresses do not seem to have titles as such. For simplicity we have given them names.
Please note that these are names we have assigned and not those assigned by the owners of the software.

There are some subtle distinctions between the 2 addresses. Here is the explanation we came up with.

Administration Address:

Use this one to send administration commands. It will be in the format;

Communication Address:

Use this one for communicating with other members of the list. It will be in the format;

Service@address.of.server NameOfList@address.of.server
It's used for:
  • getting on and off the list
  • searching for and requesting files
  • and many other commands
It's used for:
  • sending messages to other subscribers about the list's subject

The Down_for_repair list we wish to subscribe to is a LISTSERV® list.
It is kept on the server. So:-
The administration address for sending commands is:

Where LISTSERV refers to the mailing list management software used.

The communication address for messages is:

Where Down_For_Repair refers to the name of the mailing list.

NOTE: The use of upper and lower case is for emphasis only. Mailing lists don't care whether the letters are capitals or not.

We will now use the Down_For_Repair list as an example to step through the process of subscribing to a list and much more....

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