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Mailing List Quiz

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1. The purpose of a mailing list is usually _____.

to let people sign up for mailings directly without having to have another person involved

to send the same message to a long list of people

to let a lot of people comment on messages and everyone receives their comments automatically

all of the above

none of the above


2. When you subscribe to a discussion mailing list, you become _____ .

part of the management of the list

a member who can send messages to others on the list

a person who will receive messages from the list but who cannot send messages

none of the above


3. There are 2 different addresses for a mailing list, which we called _____.

administrative and communication

manager and members

discussion and complaint


The Down for Repair mailing list has the following addresses: and Pick the address which should be used to -

4.  subscribe to the list.


5. send a message requesting advice about your modem


6. to request a list of archived files.


7.  When you email a request to join a mailing list, to what email address will the messages come?

The one you type in the subject

The Reply To address that is set in your email software

The address that you type in the From box


8. Good etiquette for mailing lists says that you should _____.

have each message about only one subject

combine your questions into one message to save time downloading

use only a general topic in the Subject line so more people will read your message

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