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Jan's Computer Lessons & Tutorials

This site contains a series of free-to-use-online lessons on computer topics, starting with the basics of what a computer is and what it does (and all those tech words that your nerdy friends throw around). Working through the entire set would give you the same skills and knowledge as a set of college courses.

I started these lessons as homework of my own in online classes on writing web pages. My goal is to make working with a computer and the most common programs as easy as learning to drive a car... and far safer!

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Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101

Driver's Ed for the computer:

  • Computer Basics
  • Working with Windows
  • Working with the Web
  • Working with Words (Word)
  • Working with Numbers (Excel)
  • Working with Presentations (PowerPoint)
  • Working with Databases (Access)

The Computer Literacy 101 lessons are intended for newcomers to computers or to the particular programs used, but they contain information that even old-timers can use to polish and refresh their skills and understanding.

Suitable for use in a class or for individual learning.

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Jan's Resources and Examples for Web Authors

  • Demo: Cascading Style Sheets - showing how to use CSS to format web pages
  • Demo: Web Scripting - shows how to use CSS, JavaScript, and the DOM to make the web page respond to what a user does, like a click or mouse movement.
  • Links: Resources on the web for web authors
  • Images: Fonts that are widely available that web authors might want to use

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Archives - Material that is out-of-date but might still be useful to someone, including old versions of the Working with... lessons.

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About Site - Legalese documents, site map, and What's New

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About Jan
- Bio info and thoughts of the author

If you experience a problem, please send an email to describing the event or effect, what page it occured on, and what browser (and which version) you are using. Thanks.

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