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Plans get a life of their own!

Construction Plan | Before | Prep | Garage | Sunroom and Entry
Deck and Courtyard | Garage 2nd floor

Evolution of a plan

After clean up from the tornado, the yard was a mess.The tornado and hail storm Nov. 10, 2002, did quite a job on our roof, vinyl, and trees. The yard was completely torn up. Uprooted trees everywhere. Lots of repair trucks and stacked timber have added to the mess. Now would be a good time to do those construction and yard renovation jobs we had dreamed of! Or so we thought.


  • Add garage for 3 cars

  • Replace storage space lost when tornado killed the storage house

  • Keep traffic out of existing den by using existing back door as entrance to house from new spaces

  • Renovate old parking area into an attractive outdoor space, i.e. courtyard or patio

  • Don't wind up with a barracks look!

  • Renovate the front of house for curb appeal - door and plantings

  • Replace destroyed trees

  • Add shade to rear of house for summer heat

  • Add shade to bedroom wing for summer heat

  • Replace dirt from damage with grass or ground cover or shrubs

Additional Goals (Thought of after construction started):

  • Add space for an office for Tommy in case he moves his office back to Crossville the future- to be unfinished at this time
  • Include an inside entrance to said office space
  • Add a powder room in new entry hall
  • Add pavers in front in parking area

I had to sacrifice my last remaining tree in the back yard so we could add a 3 car garage, offset off the end of the house. To tie it into the existing house without cutting a new door and adding traffic through the middle of the den, we decided to add a sunroom off the current back door and an entry hall for doors to the outside (front and back) and a garage door. It's not a bad plan!

Landscaping planThe Plan

The landscaping plan at the right shows the existing house in pink. New sections are labeled in red. The office space is in the second floor over the garage.

The landscaping plan is from Southern Living Magazine. Cool, but very expensive to actually do! So many bushes!! We won't be doing all of it.

This plan also shows a wheelchair ramp off the deck We will not be building the ramp at this time. I just wanted to see where one could go and plan for that, for the future.

Meeting Goals

The Plan meets the goals above pretty well except the "barracks" part. Notice that none of the goals included a dollar amount! Whoops!!! Ah well.

Construction Plan | Before | Prep | Garage | Sunroom and Entry
Deck and Courtyard | Garage 2nd floor

Home > About Jan > Construction > The Plan