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Time and technology march on, leaving behind information that does not apply to current programs and conditions. This section of the site is for this kind of out-of-date material, which may still be helpful to some folks.

Bullet: blue ballArchived Lessons:

Stale: Lessons are moved to this list when lessons are posted that use newer versions of the software.

Bullet: blue ballDemo:DHTML

Stale: Demonstrates how interaction with the page was created in the ancient days of IE4 and Netscape 4. The IE4 filters never caught on with other browsers. Netscape died, along with its LAYER element. Jan's Web Scripting Demo shows how these sorts of actions are achieved using CSS and HTML5.

Bullet: blue ballPrometheus Group Project

The project was created by a group of educators online as an experiment with designing interactive web pages for learning.

Stale: We used Netscape Mail for the illustrations, which is long, long gone. The basics on email still apply, but mailing lists and irc look a lot different now.

Failed scripts: Several scripts that ran some of the interactivity in the 'Where's Rob" story line failed when the site was moved to a new server. Some features were hosted by project members and no longer function. So the 'cute' interactive story-line path does not work as sweetly as before. The separate straight tutorials without the story work just fine.

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