Filters (IE4 and later)

(Very odd things can happen under NC4 but mostly the scripts are ignored.)

      Tips on Using Filters

(Clicking on a filter will display examples and syntax in a second window.)

Filter Description
Alpha Sets a transparency level.
Blur Creates the impression of moving at high speed.
Chroma Makes a specific color transparent.
Drop Shadow  Creates an offset solid silhouette.
FlipH Creates a horizontal mirror image.
FlipV Creates a vertical mirror image.
Glow Adds radiance around the outside edges of the object.
Grayscale Drops color information from the image.
Invert Reverses the hue, saturation, and brightness values.
Light Projects light sources onto an object. Uses several methods
Light Filter method Description
AddAmbient Method Adds ambient light source.
AddCone Method Adds cone light source.
AddPoint Method Adds point light source.
ChangeColor Method Changes light color.
ChangeStrength Method Changes light strength.
Clear Method Clears all lights.
MoveLight Method Moves light source.
Mask Creates a transparent mask from an object's transparent pixels.
Shadow Creates a solid silhouette of the obect.
Wave Creates a sine wave distortion along the vertical axis.
XRayShows just the edges of the object.

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