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Images: Web Fonts

Operating System

Fonts supplied with Windows 95 and AppleWhich ever operating system you use, you probably don't know what fonts are supplied in others. So, courtesy of the Yale University, here's a list of fonts that came with Windows 95 and Macintosh OS. Unhappily, the same fonts are not included in all versions of Windows!

Word processing or desktop publishing programs commonly come with a large number of fonts. Once a font is on your computer, you can use it in any program.

Check Microsoft's lists of Fonts and ProductsIcon: Off Sitefor the fonts included with various products.

Not All Point Sizes Are Alike Same fonts on Windows 95 and on Macintosh computers display different heights.

Notice that the same point size does not display as the same height on the two systems! The Windows 95 size is +2 compared to the Mac. Don't ask me why. I haven't a clue!

Fonts in Which Programs?

Want to know what fonts come with which programs? Or, which programs have the font you want to use?

Check Microsoft's lists of Fonts and Products Icon: Off Site.

Microsoft has a Typography Icon: Off Site area where you check out what fonts are all about.

Fonts for the Web

Previously, Microsoft had a set of Web fonts available for download, but no longer.

Since these are screen captures from Microsoft's pages, you do not have to have these fonts on your machine to see what they look like!!

MS Web fonts part 1
MS Web fonts part 2
Webdings sample

Home > Resources & Examples > Images: Web Fonts