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Storage: Quiz

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1. Auxiliary storage is _____.

used to store work while it's being processed

for hard copy only, like a filing cabinet

is another name for primary storage

is used for work that is not being processed


2. The amount of data that can be stored on a disk depends in part on_____.

the thickness of the magnetic coating

the number of tracks on the disk

the rotational speed of the disk

none of the above


3. The most commonly used auxiliary storage device(s) is/ are _____.

a filing cabinet

CD/DVD discs and tapes

hard disks and removable storage devices

tapes and hard disks


4. To protect the data on a USB flash drive, you can _____.

slide the write-protect switch

hang it from your keychain using the drive's cap

encrypt the data

change the file attributes to Read-Only


5. Access time (the time it takes to access data) depends on _____.

rotational delay

seek time

settling time

transfer rate

all of the above

none of the above


6. Formatting a disk _____.

erases all data on the disk

makes a backup copy of the data on the disk

moves the data around on the disk to save space

all of the above


7. To care for data on disks you should do all of the following except ____.

avoid exposing disks to high heat

avoid exposing disks to dust and smoke

avoid bending the disks

keep the disks near magnets to keep the magnetic charge strong


8. A gigabyte is equal to _____.

a thousand kilobytes

1024 megabytes

1024 x 1024 megabytes

a million megabytes


9. Tape storage is primarily used for _____.


installing new programs

rarely used software

none of the above


10. The type of auxiliary storage which uses a laser is _____.

tape storage

hard disk

optical disc