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Jan's Computer Basics:

System Software: Quiz

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1. The operating system for a computer does the following:

manages the disks and files

manages the computer's resources

manages the computer's memory

all of the above

none of the above

2. Spooling helps because _____.

it is a more secure method of accessing data

print jobs go more smoothly with less stop and go

the computer is released to do other things while still printing

none of the above

 3. A proprietary operating system is ____.

unique to a manufacturer

similar to those of other manufacturers

used by many different computer manufacturers

properly configured to operate

 4. A computer's BIOS will ____

check for the presence of peripherals like mouse, sound card, scanner

defragments the hard disk

be loaded first when the computer is powered on

none of the above

5. Windows versions before Windows 95 _____

a.  are proprietary operating systems

b.  are not operating systems at all

c.  rely on DOS as the operating system

d.  were the first successful graphical operating systems

e.  both a and d

f.  both b and c

g.  a, b, c, and d

6. A backup program _____.

makes a copy of files you select.

returns you to the previous program

undoes the last change you made

none of the above

7. An operating system or other program that has reached end-of-life in its life cycle will _____.

no longer work

still work but will not get new updates except for security updates

still work but will not get any updates or support at all

automatically upgrade to the next newest version

8. When a computer is "swapping", it is _____.

moving data from the hard drive to a removable drive

moving data from memory to the swap file on the hard drive

moving data between registers in memory

none of the above

9. A computer virus can be _____.

annoying only

damaging to your data

copied without your knowledge onto removable drives used in the infected computer

all of the above

10. A foreground task has more _____ than a background task.




time slices