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Appendix: Header/Footer Codes

Many programs have the ability to create headers and footers, that is, text that is shown at the top or bottom of every page of the printed document. This feature is often used to number the pages or put the document's name and author on each page.

Some programs have you enter the header and footer text in the Page Setup dialog box, while others have a separate dialog just for the header and footer.

In the example below, from Notepad in Window 7, the dialog includes a text box for the text that you want to print in the header and footer besides the codes that are available.

Dialog: Page Setup (Notepad - Win7)

Page Setup dialog from Notepad, Win7

Page from header/footer code The & is used with certain letters as a code for things that are commonly wanted in the header or footer, unless the application has separate buttons or commands.
The page on the right shows how the header and footer text that is set above would look. Since there was no code for alignment entered for the footer, it was centered by default.
Here is a reference chart for commonly used codes:

&f Inserts the name of file, or "Untitled" if the file is not named yet
&d Current date according to your computer
&t Current time according to your computer
&p Page number
&& Inserts an ampersand in your text
&l Aligns the header/footer on the left
&c Aligns the header/footer in the center
&r Aligns the header/footer on the right

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