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Error Messages

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In a program as complex as Access, there are many ways to make a mistake!

What will happen?

What Error Codes Mean

Access has a number of error codes that it can display instead of a value when something is wrong.

Error Message Boxes:

If your typing is not EXACTLY right, you may see one of several possible error messages. Some of these messages are helpful, but others just announce that there is a problem... somewhere! For most of these errors, Access refuses to accept your expression.

Invalid syntax

An expression is probably a missing operator, punctuation, bracket ([), quote(") or ampersand (&), but there are many other mistakes that generate this error message.

Message: The expression you entered contains invalid syntax.   Message: Invalide syntax (multiple causes listed)

Invalid bracketing 

At least this message actually points out where the error is!

  Message: Invalid bracketing  

Undefined function

Misspelling a function is a really big error!

  Message: Undefined function

Enclose function arguments in parentheses

Leaving off the first parenthesis generates this error.

  Message: Enclose function arguments in parentheses

Message: Invalid String

Access refuses to accept what you typed for the expression. Your expression probably left out a closing double-quote.

Message: Expression has an invalid string

Wrong number of arguments

Missing a required part of a function or included too many arguments.

  Message: Wrong number of arguments

Missing a closing parenthesis, bracket, or vertical bar

Most of the time you make this error because there are a LOT of parentheses, brackets, or vertical bars. Where does the missing one go? The message does not help with that!

  Message: Expression is missing a parenthesis, bracket, or vertical bar.

Unexpected parameter dialog appears.

Dialog: Parameter - missing value

This is not a planned parameter dialog! It is caused by an error.

In this example, the field name Classe is mistyped. It should have been Class.

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Last updated: September 17, 2012