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Exercise 2-4

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
Did you want: Working with Databases: Access 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016

You need to use what you just learned, and maybe learn a little more. Complete all parts of the following exercises. Don't forget to backup your Class disk when you have completed the exercises or whenever you stop for the day and saved a document along the way.

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Before you start...

Project 1: Intro
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Project 3: Tables & Queries

Project 4: Forms & Reports


Exercise Database 2-4: On Your Own

What you will do: Create a database of your own

You will create a database for a collection. You may use one of your own collections or you may invent a fictional one. Consider collections like antiques, books, records, CDs, computer programs, coins, stamps, action figures, dolls...

Think before your start! Consider:

  • Number of tables that you will need
  • How the tables will be related.
  • Fields that you will need
  • What data types the fields should have.
    • Are there fields that you would like to be Lookup fields?
    • Where will the values for the Lookup lists should come from? A list in the table design or from another table?

For example, you might have one table for information about the items in the collection and another that lists the categories or suppliers or types, to be used as the source for a Lookup field.

  1. Create a new, blank database. Save it with the name ex4-your name.mdb to your Class disk in the folder databases project2. (Replace "yourname" in the file name with your own name, of course!)
  2. Create at least 2 tables, using the method of your choice. The tables must share a field. One table might serve as the source for a Lookup field in the other table.
  3. Create at least 1 query that sorts or filters one of your tables.
  4. Create at least 1 form to enter data into one of your tables.
  5. Add at least 4 records to your tables.
  6. Icon: Printer Print one of the datasheets.
  7. Icon: Printer Print at least one record from the form. Make sure that your form fits inside the width of the paper.
  8. Create a report based on a table or on your query.
  9. Icon: Printer Print the report.
  10. Icon: Printer Print the Relationships.

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