Normalized Database = Rules for Good Table Design

A database that follows the rules below is normalized to a particular level. There are more levels of normalization, but these first two are enough to deal with for these lessons.

First Normal Form (1NF) - Eliminates repeated groups inside a row (a record)

  1. The fields in a table should be logically related to each other.

  2. Fields are not duplicated inside the table.

  3. Each field holds a minimum of data.

  4. Each field appears in only one table.
    (except for the primary key fields which appear as a foreign key in another table.)

  5. Each record has a unique identifier, the primary key.

Second Normal Form (2NF)- Eliminates repeated values in a column.

Many databases do not completely follow these rules. Sometimes a database will actually work faster without being completely normalized.

Why bother to normalize? To meet the goals!

It is best to design the tables right the first time. Normalize as you go! After you have a lot of records, it can be tricky to fix, as we saw at the beginning of this lesson when you had to separate the data into two tables. So awkward, and there were only a few records with a few fields.

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