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Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
Did you want: Working with Databases: Access 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016

An action query selects certain records and fields and then does something with them. There are four kinds of action queries:

  • Button: Make-Table Query Make-Table: Creates a new table from copies of selected records and fields. The table's records do not change when the original records change.

  • Button: Append Query Append: Adds (appends) copies of the selected records/fields to an existing table.

  • Button: Delete Query Delete: Deletes the selected whole records.

  • Button: Update Update: Updates values to new values in the selected records.

WarningNo Undo: You cannot "undo" an action query's action.

TipVerify selection first: Be sure you have selected the records that you thought you did! Use the View button Button: Views - datasheet to see the query's datasheet. Check the records carefully.  Then run the action query with the Run button Button: Rund (2003).

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