Access Tables & Queries:
Exercise 3-3

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
Did you want: Working with Databases: Access 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016

It is time to show off what you've learned! Start from scratch and build your own database.

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Before you start...

Project 1: Intro

Project 2: Access Basics

Project 3: Tables & Queries
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Project 4: Forms & Reports


Exercise Database 3-3: On Your Own

What you will do:

Create your own database

Start with:   Access open

Choose a real-life situation or invent one. Your database must be significantly different from the examples, projects, and exercises in these lessons! You cannot just replace the data while keeping the design.

Suggestions for type of database:

  • club members with addresses, phone numbers, dues paid or not, club office held...
  • records of a science fair experiment
  • sales of several products by type or date or region or salesman...
  • events scheduled at a theater or show ring with name of event, responsible person or organization, dates, times, fee, paid or not, description of event
  • customers and their orders (requires 3 main tables)
  • software/hardware installed on your computer with registration number or model and serial numbers, company, tech support phone number and email, company web address, date bought, date installed, problems addressed - separate table for manufacturer/publisher info
  • companies to which you applied for a job with addresses, phone numbers, contact person, job applied for with its details like salary and other positives, current status, results
  • courses taken with data on semester or dates, instructor, name of course, school, details of course content, final grade, cost...

Required Parts:

  • Create your own database which includes at least 3 related tables. The main table must have at least 8 records.
  • Change some of the field properties from the defaults to more useful values.
  • Make at least one field a Lookup field
  • Include at least one field validation rule and text.
  • Create several queries which include:
    • criteria and sorting
    • a calculated text field
    • calculated field using a conditional expression (IIF)
    • parameter
    • action query
    • Totals query
    • Crosstab query, if it makes sense
  • Document your database by printing:
    • relationships
    • datasheet for a table
    • Documenter report for a table and for a query
    • Object Dependencies screen shot for a object that does have dependencies.